OMS is an enterprise systems architecture designed to support the administrative, industrial and campaign activities of a modern union.

OMS is built on the belief that:
  • effective unions are critical for a fair and democratic society.

  • because unions are constantly scrutinised for the slightest financial or administrative transgression, the core financial and membership components must ensure the highest standards of security, reliability and auditability.

  • because each union and campaign is unique it needs to be flexible, adaptable and mobile.

  • because resources are often tight & unions like to act local, it should be extensible by their current staff and contractors.

  • because unions understand the power of working together they should be able to share their enhancements with one another.

  • because income needs to keep flowing OMS needs dependable automated billing and electronic funds transfer.

To achieve these objectives the OMS core has been developed over many years around a modern enterprise architecture and large professionally programmed code base.

Powerful Customisation

While modifying the core requires advanced knowhow, OMS provides easy to use open "web services" that enable simple applications and scripts to be written and shared that can securely utilise its data and procedures.

  • users can define and add their own fields and keywords to extend what the system can record.

  • powerusers can extract data for analysis, reporting, and list generation.

  • programmers of all skill levels and tool sets can use its hooks, and documented web service API’s to add new capabilities.

OMS architecture diagram

OMS architecture diagram


While OMS has been developed over many years this site has only recently been created to share information on how to use and extend it. Suggestions and contributions can be emailed to


The Users section introduces key ideas and how to undertake common workflows with the standard Admin User Interface and utilities


The Developers section of the site is primarilay aimed at programmers and "power users" developing custom utilities, scripts and web pages that will interact with the web services API


The Authors section is aimed at developers and users contributing documentation for the project including this site.